How It Works

Death Certificate

If death occurred at home or in a nursing home and a doctor has been in attendance within the previous 14 days, a doctors certificate should be issued. Please contact the doctor, who will attend as soon as possible to confirm the death.

Upon confirmation of death, the doctor can either issue a certificate there and then or more likely they will make an appointment for you to collect one. Following the doctors’ visit, you can contact Mulberry Funeral Directors and we will move your loved one to our Chapel of Rest.

If your loved one was in hospital, the staff will normally make arrangements with the doctor(s) within the hospital.

If the death was unexpected then the Coroner will be informed.

Registering the Death

You should contact the Registrars Office in the area where the death occurred within 5 days once you have the Doctors certificate. The next of kin or the Executor normally completes registration of death.

You must take the Doctors certificate along with you when you attend the Registrars Office, and you will need to know the date and the place of birth and their last occupation. With the death of a married woman or widow you will also need to know the husband’s name and occupation.

When this has been done, you will be issued with a certified copy of the registered death. You may also need some extra copies for your loved ones or probate, for which there is a small fee. Please remember that most banks, building societies and insurance companies will require certified copies.

You will also be issued with a ‘GREEN FORM’ that you will need to give to the funeral directors for the Burial or Cremation. If the Coroner becomes involved you cannot register the death until those enquiries are complete. The Coroner will then issue their own certificate.

Funeral Arrangements

Mulberry Funeral Directors offer a personal service, providing guidance and advice on the different service options available to you and explaining what will be involved. We can tailor the service to suit the requests of the deceased and close loved ones.


A cremation normally takes place at your local crematorium, however, you can elect an alternative crematorium but there may be extra expenses involved.

Additional documentation will need to be completed and signed by you, but our team will support you through this process. It is at this stage that you will also be advised regarding the collection, burial or disposal of the ashes.


A burial normally takes place at the local cemetery where the deceased lived. As with the cremation, an alternative cemetery can be arranged but there will be additional costs involved.

You will need to gain permission from the local council before you can purchase the grave. You will then receive a certificate of ‘Exclusive Rights’, indicating that will own that grave for a set period of years. The grave may have been purchased in advance and therefore a certificate will already have been issued.

Financial Help

You may be entitled to help with funeral costs if you meet certain criteria. The Department of Work & Pensions will be able to advise you on this ( or telephone 0345 606 0265 or visit your local Jobcentre Plus). Please let the funeral directors know if you intend to apply for help before any arrangements are made.


We will provide you with a written quotation of the costs involved, highlighting the services to be provided for the funeral you have selected.

You will be required to sign the quotation to confirm the costs and the arrangement, which will act as a contract between you and the funeral director. We will also be able to help you with announcements in local papers, the printing of any service sheets and any flower displays or donations to charities.

Honest, reliable and affordable

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please telephone 01895 448718 or email

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